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So, today I was cleaning my room and going through some stuff and realized that I actually have a lot of band merch (or just other shirts), that I never really wear. Some of them, I’ve bought and wore once or twice and some, I just don’t want anymore. Or, they don’t fit me well. I also noticed I have a lot of doubles of signed stuff that I don’t really need that someone else might really like. There are also some things I’m just willing to giveaway. So, I figured I might as well give this stuff away to people that are actually going to want it/use it/wear it. (ALL SHIRTS ARE MEDIUM, LARGE, OR XL.) Yeah?

Here’s what’s being given away:

  • Create Music tank-top.
  • Kill them with kindness shirt.
  • Hide & Seek shirt.
  • Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck shirt.
  • Vans Warped Tour 2010 shirt.
  • Hey Monday shirt.
  • I Like The Ones - Austin Gibbs shirt.
  • Bring Me The Horizon Steel City shirt.
  • Paws shirt.
  • The Maine North American tour 2011.
  • You’re So Worth All Of This Torture (Man Overboard) shirt.
  • Vans tank-top.
  • Hey Monday shirt. (Signed by Cassadee Pope)
  • Taking Back Sunday shirt.
  • The Maine Is Love and Love Is Real shirt.
  • Glamour Kills shirt.
  • Lonely Girl shirt. (Signed by all of Tonight Alive.)
  • Lie, cheat, steal and listen to heavy metal shirt.
  • Of Mice & Men; Meet My Dedication shirt.
  • To Write Love On Her Arms shirt.
  • We Are The In Crowd shirt.
  • Of Mice & Men, skull hand, crew neck.
  • Man Overboard crew neck.
  • Teenage Runaway crew neck.
  • Bring Me The Horizon Steel City, windbreaker.
  • You Never Got To Heaven But You Got Real Close, YMAS, hoodie.
  • I stand before my weakness now, Tonight Alive, shirt.
  • "The Worst Part’s Behind Me" army jacket. (Of Mice & Men) (I painted on the back)
  • The Maine fall 2010 tour hoodie.
  • The Maine skull sweater.
  • All Time Low, hoodie.
  • Perfectly Imperfect, hoodie.
  • Tonight Alive bag.
  • The Other Side, Tonight Alive, CD.
  • Signed Warped 2010 ticket. Signed by Every Avenue.
  • Signed paper signed by Mayday Parade.
  • Max Helyer, of You Me At Six, guitar pick.
  • Mike Ferri, of We Are The In Crowd, WATIC, guitar pick.
  • Of Mice & Men signed Tilly’s poster, signed by all the guys.
  • Of Mice & Men tour setlist.
  • Of Mice & Men dog-tags.
  • Wreck This Journal. (Not pictured, but it hasn’t been used. It just sits in my room, haha.)
SO, THE RULES. The rules are very simple: You must be following me, I will check. (ALSO, following my Instagram will give you a better chance at winning. My Instagram is @shoneiripoll. If you follow, message me and tell your Instagram name and I’ll write that and your URL down and you’ll have a better chance at winning.) Both likes and reblogs count, but reblogs will give you more of a chance to win. The more you reblog, the better chance you have. Giveaway blogs DO NOT COUNT, because it’s not fair to those people who use their regular blogs to try and win. (I will ship worldwide!)
If you have any more questions, feel free to message me.
PS: I have not yet chosen an end date for this giveaway. However when I do, I will update this and make a post about letting everyone know.

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